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Fall/Winter 2019
Only 16 12 Spots Available
An incredible opportunity for Entrepreneurs & Executives to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and excel in your Health, Wealth and Team Relationships.
3 Days
16 Individuals Enter
One Team Leaves
• Felt like you have something inside you, that moves you to push for more, to seek better, and to want to truly dominate & win...but you couldn't really define it?

• Felt like asking yourself all the time: "is this it?" or "what's next?"

• Felt like you are stuck in your comfort zone for far too long?

• Felt like you are nowhere near reaching your potential?

• Felt like you were winning in one area of your life, but not the others?

• Felt the entrepreneurial "impostor syndrome"?

• Felt like you are facing your internal battles alone?
Over the last decade, at one point in time or another, I have also felt like this, over and over again! From secretly wanting to quit, all the way to thinking, "is this really it?" and engaging in self-sabotaging behaviour, I've experienced it all.

It isn't easy to admit this, but doing hard and unpleasant things is how we as humans adapt and overcome, evolve and grow, so this is the first step in my change plan for this year.

It is also said that "entrepreneurship is the loneliest profession in the world" and I can attest to that. For several years after quitting my corporate job, I was living the coveted "laptop lifestyle" of a digital marketer, but the reality of it for me was that i spent so much time sitting alone behind a computer, to the point where I literally felt my verbal English started to deteriorate...

Thankfully, I was able to stay on top of my Health. I did some tough things, like working up to a 425lbs deadlift, running several marathons, multiple half-marathons, a triathlon, and so on; but these are still very much individual activities where you're still spending a lot of time training alone by yourself.

Before my business & Wealth started to scale and I had to begin growing my teams, the only other Teams Relationships I had, was Army Reserve duty in the Canadian military. Something I was doing since enlisting in 2000.

As part of that commitment, in the spring of 2018 I have spent a month on a challenging military course, and this was a first time in a very long time when despite being soaked, frozen, dirty, sleep deprived for days, it felt GREAT to be part of an amazing team of high-performing professionals who are some of the best in their class.

Later in the fall, I was lucky to attend an event for veteran entrepreneurs, and I got to meet and mingle with such titans as Jocko Willink and Rudy Reyes, and many other amazing vetpreneurs from the SEALs, Marines, Green Berets. Despite being the only Canadian there, these warriors still made me feel so welcome and right at home, and I was blown away and humbled.

I thought back to those times when I was surrounded by other high-performing individuals who shared similar values and have been through similar experiences and how amazing that felt. I wanted to recreate that experience, and share it with more people, who want to be on a great team, join an awesome community, and be part of something bigger than just themselves.

At the same time I've recognized the fact, that I'm also running into problems growing, scaling and retaining my teams, and recognized I needed help. So I naturally turned to those I look up to most.

Through my connections, I've got in touch with former members of Canada's Special Forces who are constantly ranked in the Top 3 in the world, to run me through their training on Teams and Resiliency at their private facility in Ontario, Canada.

But of course, they wouldn't be able to run it just for me. So I've reached out and invited some of my entrepreneur friends,  7- 8- and even 9-figure business owners, who I thought would be a good fit for this type of an event - it's definitely a different type of appeal than mansion retreats and boat parties.
At first, I wanted to keep it secret and private...

However, the logistics call for a minimum of two teams of 8 (total of 16), and we are a few people short!

So after careful consideration, I've decided to open it up to a few select volunteers...

Those, who aren't afraid of a little bit of suck, and want to join other high-level entrepreneurs and executives, to
exponentially grow mental resiliency, leadership and team building; push you to your limits, teach you things you didn't know about yourself, your true power, your true potential and true purpose.
The Schedule

Day 1: Health (Physical + Mental) and Wealth
- Practical "evolutions" for pushing your limits, and unlocking your true power for peak performance
- Rest & Reflection followed by a Peer-led Mastermind where participants (plus a few surprise speakers!) will share their best business content across advertising, marketing, copywriting, logistics, operations, and much more.

Day 2+3: (Teams) Relationships
- 30 to 48 hour event led by ex-Special Forces commandos at their Zero4-North Facility

Dates: Fall/Winter 2019
Only 16 12 Spots Available
3 areas of ALFA
You Need All 3 Areas Aligned to Get In The "Alpha Zone" and Achieve Greatness
Your physical and mental health are a key foundation for supporting peak performance in business and life.

You'll set foot on the right path to becoming a lean mean fighting machine - in your mind and in your body.
You only rise by lifting others. Help spread the wealth by sharing your business knowledge.

Help yourself grow by surrounding yourself with other genius business pioneers, industry leaders & entrepreneurial legends.
(Teams) Relationships
Your relationships with people are key for setting and achieving your goals. 'Your net work is your net worth."

You'll forge lifelong friendships with other elite performers, whilst learning to lead teams that win from battle-tested leaders.
Who Should Attend
• If you want to create, cultivate and grow resilient teams in your business.

• If you want to mastermind with elite performers and achievers.

• If you want to get on the path of peak performance in your physical and mental health.

• If you want to forge the "Never Quit" and "We Will Find a Way" mentality.

• If you want to develop the next level courage and confidence

• If you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and the feeling of "stuck" or "burnout".

• If you want to find the true hidden power you never knew you had.

• If you want to rise up to your true potential.

• If you want to find your true purpose and create a legacy.
• those, who are content to play small

• those, who are okay with not living up to the max of their potential

• those, who choose to live a One-Dimensional lifestyle and sacrifice their Health and Relationships in an attempt to gain Wealth
Only 16 12 Spots Available
Your Spot Grants You:
We will start to develop accountability with simple but effective online challenges to begin preparing you for the event and getting the teams formed

By the time you are complete with these activities, you will get a glimpse into the reality of what is going to be possible in your health, wealth and relationships.

All-inclusive private event in beautiful Ontario, Canada in and around a state-of-the art paramilitary training facility staffed by ex-Special Forces commandos.

Immersive hands-on experiential learning that will transform your life in more ways you can imagine, with lessons that will last a lifetime
When typical events come to an end, there's always that "void" feeling of emptiness. We will not leave you hanging and continue mutual support and accountability practice in private Facebook Groups and future off-line events.

This is the type of network/mastermind you can’t simply join or buy your way into - you have to earn your way in

In Depth Features
Here's What People Are Saying
"We put on a leadership resiliency event for 35+ CEOs. Six months later, our CEOs are still discussing the event and the amazing experience"
Former founder, CEO and Chairman of Berkeley Payment Solutions
David Eason
“Whether in the boardroom or on the battlefield, successful leaders share common characteristics,”
Vice-President, Reticle Ventures
Mike Coyle
"We're going to help them work through this ambiguous environment to be a little more resilient when they run into challenges as future leaders, business leaders, and make those team-based decisions. And that's what special operations is famous for: small teams, men and women, knowing what they're doing when they absolutely have to do it for their country."
Former JTF2 Commander
Steve Day
“We wanted to give students a team-focused experience beyond the classroom, and this challenge provided a unique opportunity to amplify the skills taught in our MBA program. Learning in an ambiguous environment helps prepare students for the uncertainty and unpredictability we see in business today.”
Director, Queen’s University MBA Program
Matt Reesor
"We have a challenge for this group and it will be like nothing you have ever done. You will cry. You will face your greatest fears. It will be one of the hardest weekends of your life.” - we were told.

"We learned to trust each other and to draw upon one another’s strengths, to push past the exhaustion and the hunger and the cold. And through this we tested our limits to learn just how resilient we are. Individually, we all grew. Everyone who participated now knows that we are capable of far more than we ever anticipated"
President, Women in Leadership
Samantha Cochrane
“I owe everything to my supportive parents and the army, which taught me to get back up every time I fell down.”
“Nobody talks about the hard times, but every entrepreneur experiences them. Not just bad sales — I’m talking about broken marriages, losing everything. It takes the right mindset, perseverance, and passion to overcome the challenges. But with that, you’ll be unstoppable.”
Founder, Yomali Group ($1Bn )
Mike Peters
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm not in Special Forces shape; will I die?
While the event is designed to be somewhat physically challenging, the intent is not to select the next Seal Team Six candidates or qualify for an Ultramarathon. The goal is to show you how to unlock the hidden powers in you that you didn't even know you have. Moreover, in the months and weeks leading up to the actual event, the online pre-training will supply you with actionable plans and accountability to start getting up to speed before you arrive.
Is this for men only?
Absolutely not. Canadian military welcomes females to all arms of service, including frontline combat roles, and I personally have had the privilege to serve with some of the toughest female soldiers. We will continue this tradition at our events, so both women and men are welcome.
Where is the event taking place?
See "Event Location" section below; it is in vicinity of  the town of Brockville, Ontario, Canada, which is about 3 hours east of Toronto, or 1 hour south of Ottawa by car or train. Nearest international airports are in Ottawa and Toronto.
What are the dates for the event?
Fall/Winter 2019
What is the investment?
Nothing. Everything. Apply to secure your spot first, go through the application process, and in the end, we will discuss.
Location Information
Zero4-North Training & Innovation Facility by Reticle Ventures

Cultivated and refined over decades of Service in Canada's first-tier Special Operations unit, Reticle can help others in navigating today's highly ambiguous, networked, and complex global environment.

Location:  Brockville, Ontario, Canada (3 hours East from Toronto or 1 hour south of Ottawa)

In the military, they teach that on the battlefield, there is nothing worse than indecision. When people's lives are at stake, it is criminally dangerous to become paralyzed and not take any decisions.

Same thing holds true both in business and life, it's always better to make a decision rather that 'wait and see'.

And people's lives are depending on you. The lives and livelihoods of your teams, your family, and your own.

Don't leave success up to chance, and think, "I'll see if it fits my schedule," or "I'll think about it." You know you won't.

If you've read this far, you know what you have to do. Go ahead and do it. And I'll see you on the other side!
Only 16 12 Spots Available
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